Starting at $1900


Mobile POS Package
  • 10" Tablet POS

  • 360 degree swivel stand with lock

  • Cash Drawer

  • Receipt Printer

Available Models

Desktop POS Package

In 1999, InfoSpec released Profitek RMW , a full windows front and back office software for Hospitality.

Profitek  provides extensive front and back-office tools to help operators run their businesses more efficiently and   effectively.

Profitek operates in a native, 32 or 64 -bit mode in Windows POSREADY, WIN7 & WIN10.


Multiple Floor Plans

  • Predefine tables with various sizes and shapes

  • Table Status at a glance

  • e.g. Open, Payment Pending, Split, Available Multiple sections  (Lounge, Dining Room, Bar, etc)

Toggle up to 3 Languages

e.g. English/French, English/Chinese/Vietnamese, etc.


Easily toggle between them from Order Entry w/o affecting order processes. Also able to change from Back Office.

Discount & Payment

  • Quick Cash & Exact Change Buttons

  • 10 Definable Types of Fixed or Variable %, or by Dollar Amount

Size Buttons

  • Quick access to different sizes

  • Easy-to-use Modifiers and Instructions to kitchens and bars, including “Open” item – type it in as desired!

Challenging Situations

  • Split Bill (up to 100 splits) & Item

  • Transfer Bill (Individual or Batch)

  • Combine Bills, Void & Adjustments

  • Event pricing for (E.g. Happy Hours)

  • 10 Price level based for complex promotion

  • Automatic Price Change for Shifts & Happy Hour

  • Multiple Menus for different Sections, Order Modes or Times of Day

  • Split table, pivot seating

Real-Time Sales Details

  • All Bill Status, can be sorted by any column heading by a touch. – e.g. By Bill Total, By Table Number, By Server, etc.

  • Server Bill Status – e.g. find out if a server is selling liquor or beverages

  • Review bill details such as server, open/close time, items & modifiers, discounts and voids

Daily End Closing

  • Choice of various Daily Reports, including:

  • Sales By Server

  • Sales By Item

  • Sales By Meal Period (Breakfast, Lunch, etc)

  • Hourly Sales Breakdown

  • Discount & Promotions

  • Voided Transactions

  • Room Charges

  • Credit/Debit Card Amount (verifies POS & Bank Totals)

  • Gross Profit after Food & Labor Costs

  • Choice of sending daily reports by automatic email, to a printer immediately, or to a file.


  • Sales Analysis Reports such as Item sales, section sales, hourly sales by any date range, department, server and  category.

  • Auditing reports showing each transaction details

  • Adjustment report showing all the voids, promotions, reasons

  • CCA Report showing each credit card transaction.

  • Gratuity, statistic, discount, gross profit reports and many more

  • System keeps all sales data until removed manually by user

  • Define up to 9 schedules in advance.

  • Prints schedules with and without  labor costs. 

  • Clock in and out & print for record

  • Gross payroll report.




  • Ten price groups including special event prices

  • Mandatory weight input for live seafood before printing bill

  • Weight item by scale (E.g. Yogurt, package meat)

  • Size pricing, fractional Quantities allowed

  • Set daily quantities available to prevent ordering of items that have sold out.

  • Set item for inventory tracking

  • Create Combo Items with or without substitutions

  • Create linked items

  • Create “Meal Deals” with mandatory items and batch links



  • Group modifiers and link to individual items or groups of items.

  • Set Min/Max selection for modifier groups

  • Modifier prefixes (More, Less, Extra etc.)


  • Search by Subcategory or Item (Whole Menu).

  • Advance Search filters added to narrow down the search.

  • Real Time item description search.

  • View Item Sales History (can be filtered by date range).

  • Edit Item.


Easily organize your different menu layouts in Order Entry with drag & drop buttons and color coded subcategories.

  • Manually back up data, or schedule Auto-Backup to initiate everyday after Daily closing.

  • Optionally, you can set your Backup to copy over to other workstations on your network for extra security.

Kitchen Monitor Display

*RMW Full Version Only

  • Main Monitor Screen color codes orders to easily distinguish between Ordered, In Progress, & Ready

  • Pop Up Detail for Individual Orders

  • Timestamps display when sent to kitchen & when it is is bumped/picked up

  • "Sum" Button combines all items so that the cook knows how much to make at a glance

  • "Switch" Button toggles between the status of all Active Orders and the Main Screen

Merchant Services

Available Models

Receipt Printer

15" All-in-One Touch Screen POS

Cash Drawer

Starting at $2500


Time Clock Scheduling



The PAX S300, VX520, and VX805 Pinpad

The latest in high level transactional security combined with contactless,

e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN. 

Poynt Smart Terminal

  • built in EMV & receipt printer

  • dual screen

  • 8 hour wireless battery life

  • compatible with all payment forms