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Mobile POS Package
  • 10" Tablet POS

  • 360 degree swivel stand with lock

  • Cash Drawer

  • Receipt Printer

Available Models

Desktop POS Package
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Available Models


In 1999, InfoSpec released Profitek RMW , a full windows front and back office software for Hospitality.

Profitek  provides extensive front and back-office tools to help operators run their businesses more efficiently and   effectively.

Profitek operates in a native, 32 or 64 -bit mode in Windows POSREADY, WIN7 & WIN10.


Multiple Floor Plans

  • Predefine tables with various sizes and shapes

  • Table Status at a glance

  • e.g. Open, Payment Pending, Split, Available Multiple sections  (Lounge, Dining Room, Bar, etc)


Toggle up to 3 Languages

e.g. English/French, English/Chinese/Vietnamese, etc.


Easily toggle between them from Order Entry w/o affecting order processes. Also able to change from Back Office.


Discount & Payment

  • Quick Cash & Exact Change Buttons

  • 10 Definable Types of Fixed or Variable %, or by Dollar Amount

Size Buttons

  • Quick access to different sizes

  • Easy-to-use Modifiers and Instructions to kitchens and bars, including “Open” item – type it in as desired!

Challenging Situations

  • Split Bill (up to 100 splits) & Item

  • Transfer Bill (Individual or Batch)

  • Combine Bills, Void & Adjustments

  • Event pricing for (E.g. Happy Hours)

  • 10 Price level based for complex promotion

  • Automatic Price Change for Shifts & Happy Hour

  • Multiple Menus for different Sections, Order Modes or Times of Day

  • Split table, pivot seating

Real-Time Sales Details

  • All Bill Status, can be sorted by any column heading by a touch. – e.g. By Bill Total, By Table Number, By Server, etc.

  • Server Bill Status – e.g. find out if a server is selling liquor or beverages

  • Review bill details such as server, open/close time, items & modifiers, discounts and voids


Daily End Closing

  • Choice of various Daily Reports, including:

  • Sales By Server

  • Sales By Item

  • Sales By Meal Period (Breakfast, Lunch, etc)

  • Hourly Sales Breakdown

  • Discount & Promotions

  • Voided Transactions

  • Room Charges

  • Credit/Debit Card Amount (verifies POS & Bank Totals)

  • Gross Profit after Food & Labor Costs

  • Choice of sending daily reports by automatic email, to a printer immediately, or to a file.


  • Sales Analysis Reports such as Item sales, section sales, hourly sales by any date range, department, server and  category.

  • Auditing reports showing each transaction details

  • Adjustment report showing all the voids, promotions, reasons

  • CCA Report showing each credit card transaction.

  • Gratuity, statistic, discount, gross profit reports and many more

  • System keeps all sales data until removed manually by user

  • Define up to 9 schedules in advance.

  • Prints schedules with and without  labor costs. 

  • Clock in and out & print for record

  • Gross payroll report.





  • Ten price groups including special event prices

  • Mandatory weight input for live seafood before printing bill

  • Weight item by scale (E.g. Yogurt, package meat)

  • Size pricing, fractional Quantities allowed

  • Set daily quantities available to prevent ordering of items that have sold out.

  • Set item for inventory tracking

  • Create Combo Items with or without substitutions

  • Create linked items

  • Create “Meal Deals” with mandatory items and batch links



  • Group modifiers and link to individual items or groups of items.

  • Set Min/Max selection for modifier groups

  • Modifier prefixes (More, Less, Extra etc.)


  • Search by Subcategory or Item (Whole Menu).

  • Advance Search filters added to narrow down the search.

  • Real Time item description search.

  • View Item Sales History (can be filtered by date range).

  • Edit Item.


Easily organize your different menu layouts in Order Entry with drag & drop buttons and color coded subcategories.

  • Manually back up data, or schedule Auto-Backup to initiate everyday after Daily closing.

  • Optionally, you can set your Backup to copy over to other workstations on your network for extra security.


Kitchen Monitor Display

*RMW Full Version Only

  • Main Monitor Screen color codes orders to easily distinguish between Ordered, In Progress, & Ready

  • Pop Up Detail for Individual Orders

  • Timestamps display when sent to kitchen & when it is is bumped/picked up

  • "Sum" Button combines all items so that the cook knows how much to make at a glance

  • "Switch" Button toggles between the status of all Active Orders and the Main Screen

Gift Card Integration


  • Assign any preset value you choose

  • Inactive and secure until swiped at time of purchase

  • Real Time balance tracking

  • Can be designated as refillable or single use.

  • Make card balance adjustments.

  • Set expiry dates of cards.

  • Easily activate cards from POS as well as
    deactivate lost cards

  • User definable security levels

  • Easy look-up of card status and balance from any

  • Detailed reporting on cards issued, card
    status and balances and, transaction
    information by location.


Profitek Retail Management shares most of the same features as Restaurant Management, with the following additional features:

POS retail.jpg


  • Sales & Refund, Payment On Account

  • 3 Dimensional Matrix for style, size & color

  • Deposit for Special Orders, Layaways

  • Cashier and Daily Closing

  • Bill status check and receipt reprinting

  • 10 Security Access Levels

  • Individual  employee passwords

  • Order tracking for photofinishing , service items or build to order items

  • Real-time daily sales monitoring by salesperson or by hour


  • Tracks customer demographics, price group, type, credit terms, notes, preferences, etc.

  • Each customer can have its own special price structure

  • Multiple Contacts, phone numbers & email addresses

  • Customer Spending Report tells you who buys more & gives you better margins, what they have bought, etc.

  • Mailing labels by customer type, salesman, postal code, preferences, etc.

sales entry retail1.jpg
sales entry retail2.jpg


  • Full Touch Screen or Traditional Scanning Layout

  • Quantity price breaks & easy to edit transactions

  • Quantity and price overrides (password protected)

  • Memo for each item line

  • Park & Recall transaction


  • Serialized items, Bulk items, Size items, Service or non-inventory items, Kits (packages), Mix & Match Combos

  • Date Sensitive Specials & Quantity Price Breaks

  • Min/Max Stock Level by month (e.g. seasonal items)

  • Multiple barcodes

  • Real-time perpetual inventory

  • Receiving by manual entry, handheld portable barcode data collector, or from a P.O.

  • Complete Inventory Audit: receipt, return, inter-store transfer, adjustment, etc.

  • Tracks fast & slow moving items, high & low profit items

  • Complete Item Cost and Sales History

  • Reports inventory value by both cost and retail price

  • Physical count is simple: scan barcode and enter quantity using a wireless portable barcode data collector

  • Variance Report clearly identifies shrinkage by quantity and dollar amount

Merchant Services

Receipt Printer

15" All-in-One Touch Screen POS

Cash Drawer

Starting at $2500


Time Clock Scheduling

vx520 pinpad.png


The PAX S300, VX520, and VX805 Pinpad

The latest in high level transactional security combined with contactless,

e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN. 


Poynt Smart Terminal

poynt terminal.png
  • built in EMV & receipt printer

  • dual screen

  • 8 hour wireless battery life

  • compatible with all payment forms