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Merchant Services

The latest in high level transactional security combined with contactless,

e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN. 



Equipped with a large vivid display, the A35 supports multimedia and is ideal to run campaigns to drive sales and enhance customer experience. With the front camera, businesses can also run promotions using QR code coupons as an additional way to generate revenue.

Robust design     Large memory capacity  •   User-friendly interface

pax a35.png

PAX S300

PAX’s S300 fits comfortably into the palm of  your hand, offering everything merchants could want in a sleek, stylish payment device.  Its high-speed processor and large memory support a broad range of payment and value-added applications. The S300 offers a built-in contactless card reader, a magnetic card reader, and an IC card reader.

Compact design

High end encryption 

Built-in anti theft locks

Ultra-fast processing 


Flex Mobile POS


Serve customers better—at the counter, in line, at the table or in the field—with the Clover Flex handheld POS system. This all-in-one device provides built-in capabilities to accept payments, conduct business, and track sales, all from the palm of your hand.

Run your business from a mobile POS

  • All you need, all in one. 

A portable POS machine with a nearly 6” touchscreen, built-in printer, camera and barcode scanner for tableside ordering, inventory, and payments.

  • More payments types from more places. 

Take swipe, dip, tap, and contactless payments wherever you do business.

  • Works well with others or alone. 

The 100% mobile handheld POS to run your whole business or pair with other Clover devices to create a complete location solution.

A powerful tool for small businesses

  • Track your numbers from anywhere.

Log in 24/7 from any computer or mobile device to track your sales, best sellers, and what's most important to your business.

  • Your personal inventory manager. 

Assign categories, labels, modifiers and variants to keep your inventory current and organized.

  • Keep tabs on your team's performance. 

Run reports to see how your employees are performing, manage schedules and timesheets, and set permission levels to keep track of your greatest assets.

clover reporting.jpg
clover flexEDIT.png

Live Support

Speedy Setup

Consistent Rates

Product details

Payments: Accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®

Screen: Nearly 6” LCD color touch screen

Receipts: Built-in thermal dot printer and can email or text digital receipt

Security: Clover Security end-to-end encryption

Camera & Scanner: 1D/2D barcode scanner/camera

Connectivity: WiFi, LTE

Battery Life: At least 8 hours of use for a typical SMB

Clover POS
Dejavoo PD2 / PD4

QD2 / QD4


The Dejavoo all-in-one android POS is all you need to fast forward your growth and let your business thrive.

  • 5.5”  touch screen

  • E SIM world coverage

  • 7.4V,  2 x 2600mAh batteries



  • 4G, WiFi

  • Much improved battery life

  • Silicone protector available

  • Internal PIN Pad and contactless

  • Better reliability 

  • Lightning fast 

  • Large touch screen

  • Ethernet & WiFi

  • Internal PIN Pad and contactless

  • Better reliability

  • Lightning fast

  • Large touch screen

  • Supports external PIN Pad (QD5 or QD3 PIN Pad)

Barcode Scanner

We offer several powerful QR readers & bar code scanners.


Give us a call or email to find your best fit!


Magnetic Strip

EMV Chip

Mobile Wallet


Turn Your Smartphone or Tablet into a Payment Terminal

Connects device via bluetooth


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