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Over 35 years in this business, we have learned that you need straight forward and affordable solutions for today’s challenges.


You need to be ready for the changes your customers and the marketplace will demand. SwypePOS brings you a suite of solutions designed to work seamlessly together to simplify your operations and help you grow and prosper.


When your customers’ expectations evolve,
so should your POS system.


Merge any combination of self-ordering, online ordering, payments, gift or loyalty features into an app branded just for you. Fully integrated to SwypePOS.


Terminal-based kiosk solution, or utilize the customer’s personal device to quickly access menus and let them order directly from their smartphone.


All restaurant management operations covered, and 35+ years of knowledge. Simple item & menu management, real time sales history at a glance, & much more!


Engage with customers while improving operational efficiency

Keep your brand top-of-mind while offering convenience to your customers. Provide better service while lowering your costs. The Swype branded app offers loyalty, payments, gift and ordering, all from one fully integrated app. The app is modular, so you can choose any or all of the features to match you needs.


Ordering from the app

Eliminate time consuming re-entry of orders, errors and lost orders


Automatic menu and price updates from SwypePOS to the app


Table Service: customers scan a barcode on their table using the app, and then order from their phone.


Quick Service: customers can order in advance of arrival and pick up immediately. App users automatically receive their rewards or discounts when they order. Customers can pay for the order from the app or pay on pick-up.


Orders are sent to SwypePOS and delivered direct to prep or held (with notification) for review by staff and then forwarded for prep.


Members log in via QR Code or choose location through the app Logged in customers are registered and displayed by the SwypePOS as onsite.


Table Service: Display a QR code for each table and allow members to scan can to automatically receive rewards and discounts. Servers no longer have to return to the POS to enter a loyalty number or card.


Quick Service: Scan on payment to collect points or redeem value

Members can see the discounts and rewards they accumulate through the app.

  • Option to send members notices and special offers direct through the app or by email


Customers can pay through the app, either with a registered credit card or from their gift card balance.


Table Service: No waiting for the server to arrive to process payment. Customers can scan a QR code on their bill, view the bill details, and make payment; your servers can focus on serving new customers. Tables will turn faster.


Quick Service: Customers pay in advance when they order. This reduces line ups, eliminates cash handling, and simplifies the pick-up and delivery process.


  • Tip functionality, gift card purchase, top up & email gift to a friend

  • Tokenized credit card payment for complete security and convenience

  • Payment status displayed in SwypePOS so server/cashier knows who is paid

User Account

Customers can pay through the app, either with a registered credit card or from their gift card balance.


Users can:

  • Check points & balance

  • Purchase or reload gift cards

  • Attach or apply for a loyalty membership

  • View the order history from all locations

  • Attach and remove credit cards from the app

Credit card information is securely stored as a token by the processor.

No credit card information is stored on the device.


Streamline operations with a competitive advantage

Swype POS offers one of the most complete set of self-order options available in the hospitality marketplace. From kiosks to branded apps, we’ve got your needs covered. In a world where people are busier, everybody is connected by their phone. Why not leverage this by letting the customer use their device to order?

Smartphone for queue-busting

When the customer arrives at your restaurant, they scan a QR code prominently displayed at the entrance and are taken directly to your online ordering site, where they can place order and pay without lining up -- the advantages of a kiosk without the cost and real estate.

Smartphone for table service

When the customer is seated, they scan a QR code on the table and places their order by smartphone. The order goes to SwypePOS, where it can be reviewed before sending to the kitchen. Customers can order at their own speed and receive their food more quickly. Tables turn faster with less staff.

Mobile Orders

Traditional online ordering either by branded app or by web link. Order ahead, either for pick-up, delivery or dine in. Orders can go straight to the kitchen printer for preparation or can be reviewed in SwypePOS for accuracy before submitting.


Intuitive self-order interface for kiosk screens, with or without payment at the kiosk. Allows customers to take their time without holding up the line.



Knowledge for growth and control

All restaurant management operations covered, and 35+ years of knowledge. Simple item & menu management, real time sales history at a glance, & much more!

Convenient Software & Hardware

  • Intuitive, easy to learn and use iOS user interface.

  • Use a 12”, 10”, 8” iPad or iPhone for order entry.

  • Quick service, table service or both, adjustable by section.

  • Quickly access multiple sections form every device.

  • Add, organize, size and reconfigure tables to match your layout.

  • Monitor table/bill status at a glance.

  • Pop-up notifications for online and self-orders.

Item & Menu Management

  • Create and manage multiple menus.

  • Edit menu layout and prices on the fly.

  • Color-code menus to increase speed and accuracy.

  • Prep modifiers pop-up automatically

  • Direct menu items to multiple ticket printers and/or display devices.

  • Multiple discount levels and taxes controllable for each item.

  • Pre-program multiple item specials and events ahead of time.

  • Mix and match pricing as well as multiple unit (batch) pricing.

Real Time Analytics

  • Real time dashboard for an at-a-glance window into your locations’ performance.

  • Sales history for any date range, reportable by unit sales or amount.

  • For chains, reports by individual location, consolidated or comparative.

  • Built-in time clock functionality with work hours reporting.

  • Hourly sales reporting for optimizing workflow and resources.

  • Complete audit reporting to track voids, promos, discounts and returns.

  • Responsive web design for viewing on phones, tablets, desktop.

Real Time Dashboard At-A-Glance

Track & Understand Customer Behavior

  • Current daily sales volume by dollar amount and unit sales.

  • Breakdown by category

  • Top selling items

  • Weekly sales trend by location

  • Track visits and sales volume by customer and customer group.

  • Analyse online versus in store sales by date and by hour of the day

  • Loyalty points balance, accumulation and redemption

  • Gift card sales, reload and redemption tracking.

A cloud based restaurant solution,

perfect for:

  • Table Service

  • Quick Service

  • Multi-location chains

  • Fine Dining, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Food Courts

  • Bars, Pubs & Lounges

  • Corporate Cafeterias & Schools

  • Sports & Events Venues

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